Boosting Older Men’s Health and Happiness

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Men, more often than not, neglect their own health, they are notorious for it! This applies to all men but, as statistics show, none more so than those over a certain age. Following a list of guidelines on how to live a healthy lifestyle is a good idea to reduce the risk of unpleasant diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart conditions. It’s never too late to change and improve your health, so here are some key pointers for older men towards staying fit, healthy and happy:-

  • Eat a healthy diet, restricting fats and processed foods, and try to increase fruits, seeds, nut, beans, vegetables, wholegrains, oily fish and lean meats
  • Try to stay at a healthy weight by eating smaller regular meals
  • Get enough sleep, experts advise 7 to 8 hours per night.
  • Be physically active by walking, biking and swimming along with some weight training to build muscle.
  • If you smoke……QUIT!
  • Have no more than two alcoholic drinks a day (a standard drink is: 12 ounces of beer/wine cooler, 5 ounces of wine, 1.5 ounces of distilled spirits).
  • Get routine physical exams and health screenings.

One of the most important items on the list is making sure you get enough physical activity on a regular basis. This will boost heart health, strength, balance, flexibility and is also thought to lessen the risk of developing dementia. Just a few hours of increased movement per week can do wonders, although men who are not usually very active are advised to check with their doctor before embarking on exercise.

Another main aspect of a well balanced lifestyle is the social side of your daily or weekly routine, as getting involved and mixing with others raises the spirits and activates the mind. The concept of Men’s Sheds is becoming more and more popular throughout the UK, and proving very effective at putting smiles on faces!

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