5 Advantages of Bespoke Conservatory Roof Systems

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We offer some of the highest performing roofing systems for your conservatory whatever the existing style. Ultraroof from leading manufacturers Ultraframe, can transform your conservatory and bring a number of benefits you may not be aware of.

Many homes throughout the UK either have or would love the additional space a conservatory provides. Some prefer a more solid structure with less glazing, and an extremely bespoke solution is now available with innovative roofing systems. You can now opt for glazed, tiled or a bespoke ‘best of both worlds’ blend of tiled roofs with glazed panels. The benefits of this ground breaking system include:-

Excellent Thermal Efficiency – The additional layers of insulation that come with a tiled roof, ensure all year round enjoyment of your extra room. If trying to heat a conservatory, you will notice a reduction in fuel bills when compared to a polycarbonate or fully glazed roof. This also means a cooler, more protected solution in very warm, sunny weather.

Enhanced Aesthetics – A tiled roof will upgrade the look of your home, and make your conservatory feel more a part of the overall structure. A choice of colours and glazing options mean you get the results you desire.

Light Choice – With this type of roofing system, you can still benefit from a lighter brighter space, with integrated glazing. A unique ambience comes with beautiful interior vaulted ceilings.

Acoustics Improvement – Tiled roofs give a cosy enclosed space, which will not only boost thermal efficiency, but also acoustics. Compared to traditional conservatory roofs, Ultraroof creates a quieter, calmer environment for the whole family to enjoy.

Added Value – These elegant and functional roofs will increase the value of your home, and reduce the time it takes to sell the property. Tiled roofs are becoming the must have look in practical applications as they work to raise the profile of your house. Prospective purchasers are usually delighted with this type of home addition, as they benefit from a stunning and usable enhancement.

These roofs are quick to install, fully weatherproof, and come with a ten year guarantee, although will last much longer than that!

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