Authentic and Beautiful Proud Standing Astragal Georgian Bars


Astragal Proud Standing Georgian Bars, Billericay, Multi-Pane Double Glazed Window & Door Systems Chelmsford, Essex


etwAs skilled installers of double glazing systems, Essex Trade Windows Ltd, know that windows are a major feature of any home so getting the the look and design right are extremely important. Every aspect of a double glazed window installation has an effect on the outcome, so choosing an experienced and reputable glazing company to carry out the work should be a priority. When it comes to window systems for listed buildings and homes in conservation areas in places like Essex, it is even more crucial that the product matches its surroundings. In fact it is usually a legal requirement that properties remain in keeping with the whole district, in order to preserve the overall character of the area.

Georgian Bars have remained exceptionally popular over the years, and their appeal has never waned, especially with the emergence of authentic looking products like proud standing Astragal Georgian Bars. These attractive, practical and decorative Georgian Bars from Essex Trade Windows Ltd, will provide excellent quality and add value to your home in Billericay or Chelmsford, Essex.

Proud standing Astragal Georgian Bars can perfectly replicate traditional Georgian windows, and when teamed with our market leading Profile 22, fully sculptured suite window systems, bring an innovative, high performance solution. If you wish to give your UPVC energy rated window systems from Essex Trade Windows Ltd, increased drama and elegance, these Georgian Bars are the ideal option. They can also be used both internally or externally, are resistant to accidental damage and will stay put until you wish to remove, repair or replace a section. Our Astragal Georgian Bars give a beautiful nostalgic touch to your home whether old or new, and are great for a wide range of applications in locations such as Billericay and Chelmsford, Essex.

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