Cart Lodges, Car Barns and Traditional Oak Construction, Essex

As a leading company in the home improvement industry, Essex Trade Windows have seen some great innovations in building design. On our travels around the Essex and the surrounding areas we have become increasingly aware of a growing trend towards cart lodges and car barns. These elegant wooden framed buildings bring a quintessential English country charm while providing practical work and storage space to almost any home.

Traditional Oak Construction Ltd are a specialist design, manufacture and installation company for cart lodges and car barns. With a long history in building, fencing and landscaping, Traditional Oak Construction are ideally placed to construct timber buildings to any design and specification.

Based in Wetherfield, near Braintree, Essex, Traditional Oak Construction design and build cart lodges, cart houses, car barns, carports, timber garages and outdoor offices. They oversee the entire project and can advise on planning requirements and planning permission.

Cart lodges and car barns are the natural replacement for older garages. Garages constructed during the last century were designed for smaller cars and different times. Very often they survive as glorified sheds before crumbling brickwork and leaky roofs bring them to their end of their natural days. Traditional Oak Construction Ltd remove existing structures and do all necessary groundwork before beginning construction. They employ carpenters, builders and craftsmen, skilled in brickwork, joinery, roofing, insulation and electrical installations.

Cart lodges and car barns are designed to meet the needs of the client. They complement natural architectural features, provide safe and secure car parking bays, and can integrate office or workshop areas in adjacent rooms or using the loft space above the building.

For more information on cart lodges, car barns or timber framed buildings contact Traditional Oak Construction on 07786 914823 or visit

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