Coloured Window Frames & Door Frames in Essex

essex trade windows1Essex Trade Windows have a long and proud history of manufacturing and installing doors & windows  throughout Essex and the surrounding areas. Whether we’re fitting made to measure windows in Brentwood, GRP composite doors in Epping or UPVC double glazing in Upminster we work closely with our customers to give them the home of their dreams.

Now the customer is always right. At Essex Trade Windows we know that our customers love their homes. As FENSA installers of new and replacement doors & windows we minimise disruption and leave a clean site at the end of the job. Having said that, one of the great joys of being the experts in our field is when we can make a suggestion that our customers have not even considered.

Essex Trade Windows can talk to our clients about the thermal efficiency of our double glazed units. We can explain the relative strengths of GRP over UPVC when it comes to exterior doors. But they eye-opener often seems to be when we show our customers our incredible choice of coloured and wood-effect window frames.

In many parts of the country there still seems to be an expectation that windows are white. And in many instances we would agree that a clean white finish suits some homes to a T. But in towns across Essex, from Brentwood and Billericay to Epping and Upminster, home owners are open to alternatives.

Essex Trade Windows led the way in the design and manufacture of black framed windows and doors. Closer to the original features of older properties, black uPVC window frames work wonders on historic houses. Black window and door frames reflect the age and the grandeur of older building, preserving the tastes of the times.

But between black and white there is a a whole spectrum of colours. Essex Trade Windows manufacture, supply and install double glazing in  Chartwell Green, Wine Red, Anthracite Grey, Dark Red, Steel Blue and Gale Grey with many more colours available.

One colour choice that will never go out of fashion is for wood effect double glazed window frames. With all the vibrant warmth of a natural material, wood effect window and door frames are harder wearing, energy efficient, stronger & more secure than the timber they so beautifully imitate. Wood effect finishes come in Mountain Pine, Oak, Mahogany & Walnut, with more to choose from. At Essex Trade Windows our UPVC doors and double glazed windows come smooth or with a textured finish.

For more information on coloured window and door frames give us a call on 01268 726262.

Coloured Window Frames & Door Frames Brentwood, Billericay, Epping & Upminster, Essex