French Doors and Windows

French Doors and Windows

French Doors Windows KentHighly associated with status and style, French doors and windows are greatly sought after products in the modern day home. As a pair of tall, rectangular structures with large glass panels extending most of their length, they allow natural light to flood into the room. They are considered fashionable yet practical, with their ability to lighten the interiors and open up new space whilst enabling your home to portray heaps of personality. Typically classy, French doors look good whether installed inside or outside, making them incredibly popular.

Practicality of French Doors & Patio Doors

It’s all well and good to be at the height of stylish, but in everyday life we need to consider practicality. French doors are particularly useful to have at home, as they cater for all occasions. They can be installed between rooms and opened to combine them. This creates a large, open space suitable for social gatherings, moving furniture or other specific activity which would require a large amount of room. Otherwise – should the need for separate rooms be required, they can remain closed to make two individual spaces. This offers peace and privacy to be used at ones leisure, while maintaining that sought after sophistication, French doors provided by Essex Trade Windows make a very wise choice for the fashion-conscious yet practical thinker who is ready to revamp their living space.

Bi-fold Doors, Stylish & Versatile

French Doors Windows KentModern and unique, bi-fold doors can add a breathtaking touch to any home. Bi-fold doors are doors which come in pairs and have the magnificent ability to fold in or out. Hence the alternative name, Folding Doors. They are the perfect solution for making space where may not have originally been possible. Bi-fold doors take up less space than the average door, as well as being flexible which means they can be opened fully, partially, or completely closed with ease, giving you control on the amount of space you want to create and your home could have a different look everyday. Bi-fold doors are ideal for connecting rooms, or connecting to the outside simply and stylishly.

Multi-fold Doors, Attractive & Convenient

Multi-fold doors are basically the same design as bi-fold doors, the difference being that they have more panels for folding. This means that whereas bi-fold doors are more useful for smaller, indoor spaces, multi-fold doors are suitable internally or externally and for larger spaces. The number of panels can be adjusted to suit the needs of the homeowner, whether they’re looking to connect rooms or connect to the outside at will, whilst still looking as beautiful and impressive. Multi-fold and bi-fold doors are also suitable for left or right-handed opening.

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