GRP Composite Doors for Chelmsford, Upminster & Brentwood, Essex

Essex Trade Windows continue our journey around the historic county of Essex with a new article extolling the virtues of Chelmsford, Upminster and Brentwood.

This time the focus of the article combines the towns of Essex with our new GRP Composite Door Selector.

Essex Trade Windows has long offered GRP Composite Doors as an alternative to PVCu front doors and back doors. GRP – Glass Reinforced Polyester – is a modern material designed for offshore structures and boat hulls. It is light-weight, dent proof, crack proof, supremely water proof, it doesn’t warp or shrink, is strong, maintenance free and GRP is the perfect material for new and replacement front doors.

Of course, with Essex Trade Windows being masters of our craft we have to offer choice. Choice of front door styles, colours and designs. We offer a choice of frames in complementing colours. We have a choice of double glazed glass panel windows in plain, floral or decorative patterns. Essex Trade Windows gives a choice of door fittings with letter boxes, door knockers and handles to suit styles and tastes.

GRP Composite Front Doors also come with a choice of Keyfree Locks and other ‘Secure By Design’ security features.

Our new GRP Composite Door Selector makes it easy for home owners to select the features, colours and designs for their new front doors, and to see the how their front doors and frames will look before they buy.

The new article – on the Locations Page of the Essex Trade Windows website – tells a little of the history, heritage and sporting culture of Chelmsford, Upminster and Brentwood. Chelmsford – the home of Essex cricket. Rural Brentwood – ski capital of Essex. And scientific Upminster – where the speed of sound was first accurately measured in the early 1700’s.

GRP Composite Doors in Chelmsford, Upminster & Brentwood, Essex