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Tool HireLandscaping is the product category which experienced the largest year on year growth in October 2020. This means that the process of making a garden or other piece of land more attractive has been high on the agenda this year. Many people have hired tools, equipment and even heavy machinery to work on their gardens or land. Altering the existing design, planting trees and shrubs or adding ornamental features is a way to drastically change to look of an area. It also upgrades the home, and makes it more desirable and ultimately saleable.

Timber & joinery products and heavy building materials were in high demand, however, plumbing heating and electrical sales were down. Kitchens and bathrooms were also down by 4.6%.So despite some positive figures, the builders’ merchant sector has still not entirely bounced back from the fall in sales suffered during the first national lockdown in April 2020.

Talking of ‘lockdown’ lots of people have had negative experiences, stuck indoors, no way to mix with family and friends etc. But there has actually been an opportunity to undertake projects and learn skills. Rethinking surroundings in places like Basildon, has been on the agenda for many. As people’s world’s have shrunk a desire to ‘ace their space’ has appeared, and long wished for projects are being started.

Of course most people won’t have an arsenal of expensive tools to hand, and buying may not be an option at the moment. This is where tool hire can help, and provide the perfect solution. Rhinos Plant Hire have a vast range of tools and equipment for just about every project you care to name. They cater to customers throughout Essex in places like Basildon, London, Kent and beyond.

High quality tools from Rhinos include power drills, saws and rollers for jobs in and around the home. Safety is assured also with a selection of powered and non powered access equipment to ensure optimum results when working at height.


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