How Are Your Double Glazed Windows Performing?

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etwimageDo your double glazed windows in Chingford or Woodford keep your home warm and dry? Do they limit noise penetration from outside? Are they always free from condensation?

If the answer to any of these questions is unclear or a definite ‘no’, then you may have a problem with your double glazing! Your windows are an essential asset when it comes to the energy efficiency of your home, as they can be the source of significant heat loss. Good quality double glazing should last and perform well for at least 20 years. There are certain tell tale signs to look out for which indicate that your double glazing may be failing or past its best. These include:-

Leaks – The appearance of water is probably due to badly fitting or impaired frame, in which case you will probably be aware of draughts too.

Leaks of Inert Gas or Air – If the gas or air which fills your double glazing has leaked out, you will probably be able to check by standing at a distance and observing for a slight distortion of the glass. Replacement of the window is your main option here.

Condensation – Misting between the panes of  glass indicates that the unit has in fact failed, which means replacement by a professional in Chingford. If the windows are within a certain period of installation, check your guarantee. If condensation appears on the outer surface of the glazing inside a bedroom for instance, then more room ventilation is required.

Cracks – Issues like damage to the glass including scratches, cracks or chips, usually mean a replacement, unless it is just a scratch which can sometimes be buffed out. Damage to the UPVC frame is often cosmetic, but occasionally they can affect an area deeper within the frame leading to possible problems like reduced efficiency.

Draughts – A draught means that a seal somewhere in or around the window is not doing its job! Yet again it could be coming from the frame which means application of some filler, or the unit making it a little more serious for your windows in Woodford.

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