‘A’ Rated, Energy Efficient, Double Glazed Windows & Doors, Billericay & Chelmsford

‘A’ Rated, Energy Efficient, Double Glazed Windows & Doors, Billericay & Chelmsford

'A' Rated, Energy Efficient, Double Glazed Windows & Doors, Billericay & ChelmsfordWhen you stand in a home that does not have double glazing, you really notice the difference to that of a home with old style single glazing. Windows containing a single sheet of glass, were the only option to households at one time, but the majority of modern houses have UPVC double glazed windows and doors these days thankfully. Many years ago before double glazing, most households depended on the kitchen fire to keep warm. This was however sadly inadequate when it came to heating the rest of the home let alone preventing damp.

There is some speculation about where and when double glazing technology first emerged, but it is generally accepted that it became most popular in the US. Many accredit its creation in the 1930’s, to American inventor CD Haven, marketed by the Libby Owens Ford Glass Company. The innovation was called Thermopane, and by the 1950’s double glazing was phenomenally popular in the US, being associated with luxury and sophistication. Double glazing did not enjoy the same reception in the UK, as it was fairly costly to install double glazing, and energy prices were not as high as in later years, rendering double glazing non essential and a relative luxury.

UPVC Window Systems for Thermal Efficiency & Lower Domestic & Commercial Fuel Costs

'A' Rated, Energy Efficient, Double Glazed Doors, Billericay & ChelmsfordBy the late 1970’s and 80’s, increasing numbers of UK households were installing double glazing, prompted by soaring energy costs and the realisation that much of the heat produced within the home was being wasted through draughty single pane windows. Escalating fuel prices were luckily counteracted by the development of cheaper materials in the manufacture of high quality double glazed windows. Costly wooden frames could be replaced by less expensive UPVC or aluminium alternatives. The constant search for more cost effective and energy efficient solutions, has lead to its position today as a major home improvement option.

A great deal is spent on replacement windows, doors and conservatories annually in the UK, and tighter building regulations help to decrease dependency on oil based products and have contributed to the popularity of the technology. UPVC ‘A’ rated replacement double glazing has become a fundamental aspect of any home or business environment, bringing advanced insulation, thermal efficiency, noise proofing, and a higher standard of living.

Composite and Bi-fold Doors

If you’re thinking about secure and solid new doors for your property, why not consider some composite or bi-fold patio doors.

Ideal for homes in Billericay and Wickford, there are plenty of advantages to opting for a composite door. These doors are made from top quality materials which won’t rot, and unlike traditional front doors, composite front doors won’t warp because they’re made from lots of different layers of materials which fit together to act as a defence against any incoming moisture.

Bi-fold doors, too, are perfect for use out in the garden because they’re designed to fold back in a concertina-type fashion. Whether you’re limited when it comes to outdoor space or you’ve got a long, sweeping garden with plenty of room, being able to fold your doors back will give you some added space – as well as a touch of elegance!

Sliding patio doors or uPVC French doors

If you’re looking for doors which offer both safety and style, there are plenty of other alternative door styles to choose from as well like sliding patio or uPVC French doors.

Thermal efficiency in your home is just a sliding patio door away. Compared to traditional garden doors, this option provides much larger panes of glass designed to let more light flood in, heating your home naturally in the summer months. They also often come with composite gaskets, which mean moisture from the rain or chilly breezes from the cold weather will be a thing of the past. You also don’t need to worry about security either, as modern sliding doors boast stronger glass and advanced window locks.

uPVC French doors, too, offer excellent energy advantages. These doors separate parts of your home well, allowing you to heat up the part of the house you want to use rather than turning the thermostat up and heating the entire house unnecessarily! What’s more, splitting a space with French doors rather than a brick wall means that light can flood through, giving your home a bright and spacious feel as well as a natural source of warmth when the sun is out.

Supply to Trade, Billericay & Chelmsford

We have in recent years experienced increasing demand for our high quality glazing products, from tradesmen who value their reputation. Meeting customer demand is a priority, and is pivotal to running a successful business. Providing exceptional and reliable service is essential also, to ensure returning custom and customer recommendations.

Offering the latest, innovative and market leading products is crucial, and reduces the stress that using inferior products can bring. Customers are always delighted for instance with our spectacular Optima range from Profile 22, which includes the advanced Flush Sash profile. These windows bring exceptional energy efficiency along with stunning looks for modern or heritage properties in places like Billericay and Chelmsford. Teamed with an array of coloured frame choices, this glazing option delivers a winning formula.

We provide prompt, precise and uncompromising service, so that installers and home improvement contractors can rely on us to get it right first time, whether it’s a small job or a major project. We supply UPVC double glazed windows, doors and GRP composite doors to trade, including builders, carpenters, specialist installers and DIY enthusiasts. We also ensure that our costs are extremely competitive, allowing high quality with a lower price tag. We will also deliver nationwide with unequalled after sales backup and support, as our many professional customers have found. Essex Trade Windows supply to trade service means that neither you nor your customers will be disappointed.

Hair Powder Tax & Airships in Billericay, Essex

One of the curious historical facts concerning Billericay in Essex, concerned the more affluent members of society at the end of the 18th century. The hair powder tax was imposed on users of this commodity, and usually only the rich could afford to pay. This minor tax, had to be paid by people before they could wear their hair powder, and a location would be judged by how many people in the area had to pay this kind of tax.

Locations such as Ramsden, Nevendon Great Burstead and North Benfleet had only a few people paying hair powder tax, Little Bursted had eight people and Billericay had thirty five! Interestingly, this included only one woman. The powder was composed of very finely ground starch which was scented with lavender, orange flower and orris root. The powder was usually white but occasionally coloured violet, blue, pink or yellow.

On the night of October 1st 1916, there was a glowing sight over Billericay, when a colossal German Navy Zeppelin L-31, lit up the sky by bursting into flames and plummeting to the ground. Airship ace Heinrich Mathy was the Commander and both he and his crew were killed, Mathy having jumped from the airship, died minutes after reaching the ground. First attempts by Britain to ground the airships were futile, until the summer of 1916 when Britain launched its fresh offensive against airships with a new type of machine gun ammunition. These combined explosive rounds, blew open and ignited the gas cells within the airship, causing its destruction.

Famous Chelmsfordians, and Escaped Vultures in Wickford, Essex

Chelmsford, Essex, which received city status in June 2012, can claim to have contributed a significant amount of entertainers and sports people to the UK. The long list of Chelmsfordians within the world of sport includes, former world swimming breast stroke champion James Gibson, who competed in the Athens Olympics in 2004, famous West Ham United and England footballer Geoff Hurst, known for scoring a hat trick in the World Cup Final. Nigel Spink, the well known footballer who played for Aston Villa, West Bromwich Albion and a goalkeeper for England, is from Chelmsford along with players Mervyn Day, James Harper, Peter Collins, Liam Chilvers and Greg Halford.

Imagine looking out into your garden and seeing a North American black vulture with a 5ft wing span! This happened to a home-owner in Wickford in 2006, when the vulture, during a training session for a bird of prey display at the Tropical Wings Wildlife Sanctuary in South Woodham Ferrers, made a bid for freedom. The vulture, named Guinivere was lifted by a gust of wind, panicked and flew off, only to be traced and eventually found by worried keepers. The keepers were not the only ones worrying as the centres other black vulture, Lancelot, was reportedly missing his companion!

High Quality ‘A’ Rated, Energy Efficient, Double Glazed Windows & Doors, Essex. UPVC Window Systems for Thermal Efficiency & Lower Domestic & Commercial Fuel Costs. Hair Powder Tax & Airships in Billericay, Essex. Famous Chelmsfordians, and Escaped Vultures in Wickford. Essex.

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