Double Glazing – Bishops Stortford, Harlow, Cambridge

Double Glazing – Bishops Stortford, Harlow, Cambridge

The question of whether it is preferable to install UPVC double glazing or wooden frames has always been asked when replacement windows are needed or desired. The British Research Establishment [BRE] makes a thorough assessment of the environmental impact of certain practices within the building arena. Using different criteria and a system of ratings the BRE publishes its conclusions in the ‘Green Guide’. The section on windows states that:
“The main environmental impact of windows is through the heat lost through them…the main emphasis should be to choose a window which will reduce operational energy usage”

Double Glazing – Bishops Stortford, Harlow, Cambridge.

Considerations looked at in the compilation of this completely independent double glazing guide include factors such as human health, climate change, damage to the ozone layer and waste disposal. While some people promote the virtues of ‘natural’ materials and products as opposed to the use of UPVC double glazing it does not always follow that natural means environmentally friendly. In fact due to unscrupulous timber merchants, illegal deforestation is a major environmental problem.

Double Glazing – Bishops Stortford, Harlow, Cambridge.

It is commonly assumed that UPVC cannot be recycled but this is a misconception. Due to the fact that UPVC is so long lasting and suitable for its intended purpose it seldom needs replacing so the question of recycling UPVC windows and doors used in the building trade is seldom raised. The exceptional durability of UPVC used for double glazedreplacement windows and doors by companies like Essex Trade Windowsmakes it a super eco-friendly product. Unwanted remnants from manufacturing processes are re- processed and re-used along with post consumer UPVC window and door profile.

Bishops Stortford – Parks & Open Spaces

Despite its continued growth in population, Bishops Stortford has managed to retain over 90 acres of parks and open spaces and is determined not to lose its identity as a traditional market town. The exciting interactive Bishops Stortford Museum has many fascinating historical artefacts including a Roman skeleton named ‘Titus’. Bishops Stortford is gearing up for the 2012 Olympics by arranging several themed events including a local logo design competition.

Harlow – New Town

Harlow was designed as a ‘new town’ in 1947 by Sir Frederick Gibbered, the only town planner to live in the town he designed. Originally developed as a way of easing over crowding due to the bombings in post war London, Harlow was one of several towns intended to be self serving. Harlow has one of the largest network of cycle paths in the country as a result of many older roads becoming unused.

Cambridge – College City

The famous college city of Cambridge has something for everyone, majestic architecture, unique entertainment and a variety of shopping experiences. There are several well known yearly festivals such as the Cambridge folk festival and the Shakespeare season events along with processions, parades and outdoor shows. In Cambridge there is also no shortage of ghost walks in this reputedly haunted city at many places including a hospital, an airport and various colleges.

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