High Quality, Maintenance Free, Replacement Double Glazed Windows & Doors, Billericay

High Quality, Maintenance Free, Replacement Double Glazed Windows & Doors, Billericay

If you are having problems with some of your existing double glazed windows, you may be considering replacing one or two. This may seem like a good idea, which will avoid having to pay for a full replacement of all windows in the home. However there are several reasons why this may not be the best decision when it comes to cost. Sometimes after moving home you may discover the windows in your new home in Billericay, are showing signs of age and could do with upgrading, or maybe they arent the best quality. It is often difficult to assess what type of glass has been used originally and the company who did the installation may not exist any more. Low E glass is compulsory for double glazing in new houses and it is advisable to add this when replacing double glazing. Bear in mind if replacing just one or two existing windows, that low E glass has a slight tint and may not match your existing windows.

Often older double glazing units will not be compatible with newer versions, with some parts not now available giving an odd or uncoordinated appearance. This can be the case with the profile, beading or locking system. Technical advances in modern double glazing means a far more secure, energy efficient, higher quality solution. It is a fact that 80% of the UK market nowadays has the older exterior glazed system in place, which can suffer from weather damage. The interior glazed system is now preferred due to things like easier and safer installation.

Thermally Efficient Double Glazed Windows with Superior Locking Systems, Basildon

At Essex Trade Windows Ltd, we believe that a comprehensive double glazing system is the way to go, in order to save money, and avoid any of the above issues. Older double glazed windows seldom start to deteriorate without the rest being affected. So after around 25 years exposed to the elements, traffic vibration etc, your double glazing, will probably be near the end of its useful life. Many people notice deterioration in one of their windows on one elevation, and decide that just replacing this particular window will suffice and cost less. This is usually unwise for a number of reasons, not least that it probably wont be long before the others follow.

A complete double glazing replacement for your Basildon home, is significantly less expensive than dealing with each window separately. We always advise our customers about this and as a result, many wait and discover that indeed before long, the other double glazing units also start to break down. Others unfortunately opt to replace as and when, and frequently end up spending much more in the long run.

Changing Face of Billericay, Romans & Saxons in Essex

High Quality, Maintenance Free, Replacement Double Glazed Windows & Doors, Billericay

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The town of Billericay lies in the borough of Basildon, and in more recent times its residents spend their time peacefully at home or work, perhaps after commuting to London. Maybe they will take a stroll in one of the many green areas around Billericay or browse the shop windows on the high street. Life was not always so peaceful for people living in this part of Essex though with a number of colourful events throughout history.

The Roman [as indicated by the discovery of Roman coins and pottery] occupation was disrupted by Saxon invaders, who set up home probably where Great Burstead Church now sits. Many coins of Saxon origin have also been found in the vicinity. The town of Billericay is not specifically mentioned in the Doomsday book, as it was incorporated into Great Burstead, and remained so until the 19th century. Men from Billericay, or Byllyrica, as it was named in1291, participated in the peasants revolt of 1381. They were pursued by the Kings armies into Norsey Wood where they were caught and killed. Some of these unfortunate rebels are said to be buried at Great Burstead. In the same period, the Wycliffe preachers captured the attention of many Billericay inhabitants, some of whom where burnt at the stake for their faith in the reign of Queen Mary. Happily much has changed now!

Pride of Basildon Campaign, Advantages of Living in Basildon, Essex

High Quality, Maintenance Free, Replacement Double Glazed Windows & Doors, Billericay

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When a local Basildon newspaper asked locals to name the best things about living in Basildon, they were delighted by the response. The Pride of Basildon campaign, launched by the Echo compiled a list of ten great things about Basildon suggested by the people who know, namely the residents. Answers included :

Transport links: An extremely punctual and easily accessible train line, making Basildon an ideal base to commute to London from. Bus routes are also convenient, and cover a wide area.

Good community spirit: There is a close knit feel about this town, and most of the residents are pleased to participate in fund raising, and lending a helping hand where needed.

Parks and leisure: There are a good variety of places to walk and enjoy here such as Gloucester Park, Wickford memorial park, Wat Tyler Country park and Lake Meadows.

Family Activities: Families with children are never stuck for something to do, with a range of child friendly attractions, these include simply feeding the ducks in the park.

Sports: A comprehensive collection of sports pastimes are available in the Sporting Village, like swimming, working out or scaling the huge climbing wall.

Basildon sign: The sign which brings a touch of Hollywood to Basildon is now right at home and an accepted permanent fixture.

The Towngate theatre: Where musicals, concerts and variety acts of all kinds entertain.

Bas Vegas: This is the nickname for the Festival Leisure Park, catering for fun lovers with its restaurants, cinema, night clubs or bowling alley.

New Holland Tractors: This booming local business based in Basildon, is a major success story, and has been manufacturing high performance farm vehicles for over 50 years!

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