PVCu Double Glazed Windows in Canvey Island & Grays, Essex

PVCu Double Glazed Windows in Canvey Island & Grays, Essex

As Essex Trade Windows continue its journey through the towns, cities and hamlets of Kent, Suffolk, Norfolk and Herefordshire we are often reminded of our own hidden gems here in Essex. In the case of Canvey Island and Grays they are not so much hidden as overlooked. Yet whenever we are in Canvey Island or Grays, installing PVCU double glazed windows, we love the atmosphere and the welcome we always receive.

PVCu Double Glazed Windows or UPVC Double Glazed Windows

As a quick aside, Essex Trade Windows were installing double glazing in Canvey Island last week and we were again asked the perennial question. Is it UPVC or PVCU double glazing, and what is the difference?

The short answer is there is no difference. PVCu and uPVC is the same thing. Even a capital U won’t change this. PVC is Polyvinyl Chloride and the U mean ‘unplasticised’. Current parlance is for PVCu, creating a standard term that is used throughout Europe, but as our customers still use both terms, so do we.

A Great Choice of PVCu and uPVC Double Glazed Windows.

And just to prove it, we sell both.

Essex Trade Windows offer a great range of top quality competitively priced double glazed windows including casement windows, sash windows and tilt & turn windows.

Casement double glazed windows are the industry standard. Classiccasement windows can be hinged at the top or the side for your opening preferences. Top hinged casement windows are often chosen where access to window handles is restricted making them popular for bathrooms and kitchens. They are also a good choice for people with restricted movement and are often chosen for retirement flats and bungalows.

Sash windows have an elegance that has not diminished over the years. Often seen on Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian buildings, traditional wooden sash windows were operated using a counterweight system of pulleys and chords. Of course traditional sash windows traditionally jammed as this is the nature of timber framed windows. Over the years, timber warps, shrinks or expands and unless regularly treated it will eventually decay. UPVC does not warp, shrink or discolour making it the perfect material for double glazed windows. Modern sash windows from Essex Trade Windows use a spring loaded mechanism for opening and closing. Although they look exactly the same as traditional sash windows, they are more reliable with smooth and easy opening and closing.

Tilt & Turn double glazed windows open horizontally and vertically. They are designed for safety and functionality and regularly installed in upper storeys, apartments, flats and offices. With restricted outward opening they are safe to use but specially designed hinges allow tilt & turn windows to be fully opened inwards for easy cleaning and emergency access.

Double Glazed Windows – A Choice of Colours and Finishes.

All of our double glazed windows and doors come in a great choice of colours. With PVCu double glazing – as with uPVC double glazing – the colour is added at the time of manufacture so there is no need for painting or repainting as with timber window frames. We also offer a wide selection of natural wood and textures finishes.

Guess what is the most popular colour for PVCu double glazed window frames in Grays? Answer: classic white.

Canvey Island – A Great Place for Double Glazing

PVCu Double Glazed Windows in Canvey Island & Grays, EssexEssex Trade Windows are not the only people to think Canvey Island is a great place to visit. People have been flocking to Canvey Island for thousands of years and continue to do so to this day.

Which brings us to our next big question. Is Canvey Island really an island? The short answer is yes. You could walk there via the A130 or along the Canvey Road but if you’re a few metres out on either side, at some point you will get your feet wet.

On a related point, most of Canvey Island is below sea level and has been prone to flooding over the centuries. The big change to Canvey Island in the seventeenth century when miles of sea dykes were constructed to reclaim hundreds of acres of quality farmland and to keep the sea out.

Canvey Island is home to some 40,000 people. We know, we’ve done a lot of double glazing installations on Canvey Island. In fact anyone who lives on the Essex coast appreciates the thermal insulation and draught-proof finish of quality double glazing. And unlike wood, neither UPVC nor PVCU are damaged by salt water spray.

Grays, Thurrock, Essex

PVCu Double Glazed Windows in Canvey Island & Grays, EssexGrays is the largest town in Thurrock and the home of the Lakeside Shopping Centre. It is also the home of Grays Athletic Football Club and the birthplace of actor Phil Davis and comedians Joe Pasquale and Russell Brand. You get some funny people in Grays.

If you want a home on the north bank of the Thames and within easy travelling distance of London on the one side and the beautiful Essex coast on the other – at least once you are past East Tilbury Docks – then Grays is the place to be.

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