The Many Benefits of Double Glazed Windows Made Clear

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Double glazed windows are a basic but very useful idea. They are made up of two sheets of glass – rather than one – and between them is a layer of gas and air. It might seem hard to believe that a simple concept such as double glazed windows can carry so many benefits, but they certainly do. Many homes in the UK already have double glazing installed, but if you’re a home owner who is uncertain about the real benefits, read on to find out the ways in which they can make a difference.

The first, most obvious advantage is that double glazed windows are very good at keeping in heat. We all want a home which is warm and comfortable, and this one small change can really help! Drafts often seep in through old windows, and have an enormous effect on the temperature of the entire room – but with double glazing, this problem will cease to exist. The two panels of glass and the layer of air act as insulators, reducing the need to have heating switched on all of the time. So apart from making their home generally warmer and more comfortable, home owners are more likely to save money on their heating bills.

This brings us to the reduction of your Carbon Footprint. Nowadays, a lot of people are very conscious of how much energy they use, and we are starting to take into consideration the welfare of the environment. With double glazing, less warmth is escaping your home, and because you will no longer need to use heating inside the home as often, you are in fact diminishing carbon dioxide emissions. Not only are you saving money for yourself, but also doing your bit towards making a greener planet!

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