UPVC Doors Advantages

Replacement UPVC Doors Add Value to Your Home

Wooden doors require a regular maintenance plan to keep them in good condition. Irrespective of the care given, being wood they will deteriorate with time. Most wooden doors are not well cared for and so they warp and rot when exposed to damp. Wooden window frames carry the same burden of maintenance. The warpage works against efforts to exclude draughts and so they become very thermally inefficient. UPVC doors and windows are steel reinforced (see below) and so they are far superior in draught exclusion.

In contrast to timber, UPVC external doors and windows are practically maintenance free. This is a very attractive proposition to a potential buyer, and so in this way UPVC doors and windows are an investment in your home, adding to its value. Many home owners complement their UPVC doors and windows with UPVC Guttering, Fascias and Soffits, for a complete, maintenance free exterior.

UPVC Doors Deter Burglars

UPVC is a strong, resilient polymer (plastic). For windows and doors UPVC is extruded into profile (lengths) which are then internally reinforced with galvanised steel. This reinforcement makes the UPVC profile far stronger and resistant to damage by potential burglars. Burglars faced with a well made UPVC door will usually move on, seeking easier pickings elsewhere.

UPVC in construction contains stabilizers which make it resilient to weathering. It is not non porous, unlike wood, so it will not rot and decay. So UPVC is virtually maintenance free, requiring only cleaning but not painting or varnishing.

Strength of UPVC Doors

A significant feature of UPVC doors is that they are much stronger than traditional wooden doors. The strength of UPVC is a key factor behind its widespread use for domestic external front and back doors.

UPVC Doors – Strong on Insulation

A major benefit of UPVC windows and doors are their energy saving properties. The profiles are rigid and keep their shape, aiding insulation of the home. Further, UPVC profile is constructed using internal chambers – a kind of honeycomb formation that you can see if you look at an end section of PUVC window or door profile. These chambers provide an air void, between the outside and inside surfaces of the frame. This stops the transfer of cold into your home and stops the warmth going out.

The heat retentive properties of UPVC windows and doors allow you to use less energy in heating your home, saving on heating bills. Thus UPVC doors are also more environmentally friendly than doors made from other materials.

Noise Reduction with UPVC Doors & Windows

UPVC windows and doors are also acknowledged as effective for insulators against noise. This can be a significant advantage to people living in build up urban areas. Here, high traffic levels can generate high levels of noise pollution, which UPVC windows and doors will help to mitigate.

Advantages of UPVC Doors. Weather Resistant, Rigid Thermally Efficient Doors. Low Maintenance Windows & Doors, Retaining Heat Energy in The Home, Saving On Home Heating Costs. Strong UPVC Doors Deter Burglars.

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