Energy Efficient Windows

UPVC Energy Efficient Double Glazed Windows

One of the most important steps you can take when improving your home is to install UPVC double glazing. This will increase not only the value of your home but also its energy efficiency, saving you money while helping to reduce carbon emissions. An increasing range of options are open to the home owner these days with regards to style and colour. All of the usual window designs are available as replacement UPVC double glazing such as sash, tilt & turn, casement and hinged. See UPVC Windows Styles & Designs.

Coloured UPVC Double Glazed Window Frames

A feature of UPVC double glazed windows which is growing in popularity is the wider range of coloured frames to choose from. In addition to the standard white which is still in high demand there are also many shades of wood grain effect, black, red, green, blue, cream and grey. This gives greater freedom when deciding on a decorating scheme and makes the co-ordination of interior and exterior possible, as frames can have different colours on either side to contrast or compliment.

A-Rated Double Glazed Replacement Windows

Once you have decided to install double glazed replacement windows and have thought about your preferred style and colour there are a few other considerations to ensure your complete satisfaction. When selecting your supplier of double glazed replacement windows it pays to check on a few basic details. A vital question to ask is what energy efficiency rating the product holds.

Double glazed windows are rated for their effectiveness using a scale of A-G with A being the highest rated. A-rated windows and doors deliver the best results by containing and conserving heat, resisting condensation, preventing entry of cold and drafts and allowing warmth from the sun to penetrate.

Double Glazing High Performance Warm Edge Spacer Bars

Billericay UPVC Double Glazed Replacement Energy Efficient Windows Doors A-RatedYou will improve the energy efficiency of your double glazed windows even further if you choose windows fitted with Warm Edge Spacer Bars, which play an important role in the retention of heat. This clever design also blocks cold, noise and combats condensation for a healthier environment.

It is a good idea to go for the best quality, high performance windows you can afford as it could be a mistake and false economy to opt for cheaper products using possibly inferior materials. Low emissivity [or low E] glass is a wise choice, allowing heat and light to enter while preventing energy from escaping. This is achieved with the application of a layer of metal oxide to one of the internal glazing layers. A further beneficial feature to consider is Argon gas filled glazing. Argon gas is a very effective insulator and will enhance the energy efficiency of your double glazed windows.

Profile 22 UPVC Double Glazed Window Frames – Strong & Energy Efficient

As with most household and construction products there is a range of qualities and specifications. Profile thickness varies. Some windows frame profiles are only 1.6mm thick. Our Profile 22 window profiles are 3mm thick – with a significant improvement in strength and heat retention.

Our window frames have a 5 chamber construction. Some have only 3 chambers, others have more, but tend to use thinner profile. Our combination of 3mm profile and 5 chamber system gives a superior system – strong and energy efficient, at a very competitive price. All of our windows are A Rated, with an impressive Energy Index of 1.4W/m2.K.

UPVC, Wood, Composite & Aluminium Replacement Window Frames

UPVC, Wood, Composite & Aluminium Replacement Window Frames BillericayWhen it comes to the choice of window frame, UPVC is always extremely popular with its long lasting and versatile properties and ability to be recycled. UPVC requires no painting as it comes in an array of ready coloured finishes and needs little or no maintenance – proving financially attractive to the home owner. Frames are also available in aluminium or which are slim line and can also be recycled.
If you think you would like to have timber frames for your double glazed replacement windows you should remember that they will need painting and maintaining regularly. Timber frames are often used in conservation areas where the original windows were also framed with wood.
Timber can be used as the base material in composite windows coated in either plastic or aluminium for a tough and cost effective window solution.

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