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The Optima casement window is no ordinary glazing system. Its revolutionary. Its designers went back to the drawing board to create the very best possible glazing solutions. Every tiny detail has been perfected, and the precision and quality are second to none. Optima casement windows are quite simply, a world class product, made in the UK to exceptional standards.

With Optima :

  • There are more insulating chambers – your home will be warmer.
  • Profile walls are thickened where screws will be located – handles and hinges will remain firmly fixed.
  • Drainage channels are deeper – water won’t collect in the frame causing damage.
  • Internal beads are easier to position – your windows will be more secure.
  • There is more overlap between the casement sash and the outer frame – frames look slimmer, let more light in and there’s superior protection from extreme weather.
  • A central eurogroove makes the casement windows stronger and more secure.

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UPVC Casement Window Designs and Performance

Casement windows are perhaps the most familiar style of window. Casements have opening panes that sit on the outside surface of the frame and open outwards.

The opening panes can be hinged at the top or the side, and the overall layout of the window can vary from very simple to quite elaborate.

Casement windows provide their weather protection by forming a seal around the edge of the opening panes. With non-shrink insulating gaskets and the increased frame overlap, these seals are long lasting and very effective. Rainwater and draughts just don’t get through!

A World of Double Glazing Options

With a casement window, there really is a vast choice. You don’t have to replicate your existing window layout ( although if you want to, that’s fine ). If you’ve always wanted a larger opening pane – go for it. If you’ve never been able to reach the handle on a kitchen or bathroom window, we’ll sort a layout that helps.

Casement windows are suitable for every window in the home, including bow and bay windows. We can add details to compliment your home, such as dummy sashes to create equal sightlines and a range of Georgian bar and astragal bar options. Optima casement windows are available in a range of 31 colours and finishes, we can even offer you a different coloured finish for indoors and out. It’s all about creating a window that works perfectly and which looks fantastic in your home.

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Flush casement UPVC windows. Slim fit traditional sash casement windows, ideal for heritage properties, Huge colour range, draught free, high security multipoint locking.

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